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Georgie Parker tells the truth about Owen . Home and away spoilers


The romance between Georgie and Owen comes to an end.

For the UK spectators, house and Away spoilers follow.

Home and Away’s Roo Stewart will become even more aerobic next week when Owen Davidson plans to leave town after calling her romantic time.

Last year, while suffering from a terminal illness, Roo (Georgie Parker) cared for Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) father, Evan Slater (C40Daddo). After Owen (also played by Cameron) came to the Bay, Evan’s twin brother, Roo started to date him.


But Roo and Owen’s friendship is another stumbling block in the scenes that will be appearing in the UK next week when they believe that they have sorted out problems and go to bed together.

Roo is only more puzzled by being intimate with Owen, as she must admit that she still has unsolved sensations for Evan.

In Soap, actress Georgie Parker, who plays Roo, said that Roo was actually thinking about Evan while she was bedtime with Owen and that Roo “connected” with Evan “in a way that is hard to describe.”

After Roo and Owen have both realised that Roo just can’t lose their memories of Evan, the couple decide that their way of life is best, and Evan plans to leave Summer Bay.


Georgie told Inside Soap that Owen had already left the Bay because of the schedule of Cameron Daddo, but added that we may not have really seen his last one.

“I hope this is Roo Owen’s lifetime friendship,” she said. He is a sincere human, and these are rare attributes. Cameroon has a busy life, but it has to end with that relationship. Nevertheless, Owen isn’t dead, so he may be back.”

Georgie said that she hoped that Roo’s dream partner was still out there and said she felt it would be time to find true love for her character.

I want her to have an important friendship, like 10 years ago when I was at the exhibition, and we didn’t necessarily see it,” she said.” “It would be nice to see her as a serious partner in life with someone.


Sadly, Owen doesn’t seem to be the one and Roo is angry to see him go. Nor is she the only one since Owen’s nephew Ryder will be surprised when he learns Owen’s departure.

How is Ryder going to process the news?

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