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Former Neighbours stars reveal how surprise Beth and Flick scene came about


Natalie Imbruglia and Holly Valance, two former Neighbours actors, went above and beyond to attend the serial opera’s grand finale.

Last Friday, July 29, the Australian series concluded with a final episode full of famous faces who came back to give Ramsay Street a good send-off.

Real-life friends Imbruglia (Beth Brennan) and Valance (Flick Scully), despite never having crossed paths throughout their individual runs on the soap opera, made an unexpected appearance together in a sequence shot in London.

‘Ooh wasn’t expecting those two, especially not together,’ we wanted to say as we crept in. After the season finale aired, Valance told Studio 10.


The actress continued, “In true soap opera world, it is a little unreal at times anyway, so we made it work.

The characters of Valance and Imbruglia run into one other in the scenario and learn they formerly lived on the same street.

We approached the producers with the idea and expressed our desire to work together. Valance joked that going forward, she and Imbruglia would only perform together.

Holly and Valance initially met when Holly was only eight years old, according to Imbruglia, who played Beth from 1992 to 1994.


We still have the photo that Holly’s dad asked me to shoot with his daughters when she first appeared on the show. “It’s actually hilarious because I remember when I initially started on the show, I was at the carousel – we all know the carousel in Melbourne,” the singer remarked.

We were recently browsing over old pictures when she asked, “Do you believe this is when we met?” and I responded, “No no, it goes back even longer than that,” according to Valance.

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