Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Could Justin & Leah be a next-gen Pippa & Tom?


Veteran Ray Meagher notices historical reverberations in Summer Bay’s new marriage.

This week, Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) of Home & Away are getting married in Summer Bay.

With its mix of generations, it creates a new family unit in the Summer Bay universe and opens up new tale possibilities for authors.

In honouring the dup, Ray Meagher recently remarked of the seasoned cast, “We’re not just there as part of the tapestry but that’s a fairly heavy percentage of why we’re here now.”


“Because the true drama and interest lies with the younger generation, and among that generation, Jimmy Stewart and Ada Nicodemou’s characters are doing fairly well in terms of screen time and other aspects.”

Meagher hinted that, while acknowledging the past, their partnership would pave a new path for authors.

He went on, “That would be an ideal couple because of both of their ethnicities to have as a stabilised, traditional family unit that brought in foster kids, rather than as a new Tom & Pippa exactly.”

One of them has Chinese ancestry and background. And I almost said Greek to the other one who is a very proud Cypriot!


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