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7 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes

1. What’s going to happen with Justin?

This week, Justin started a radiotherapy course, knowing it would be a hard journey as doctors try to shrink the tumor on his spine. With Leah, he often experienced tensions, not wanting her to fuss around him while he faces this tough time.
By the end of the week, the pair had got their relationship back on track, but when Justin unexpectedly collapsed one morning and was told to go to the hospital for another check, the situation took a troubling turn. Is he going to be fine?

2.Has Jai lost Dean for good?

At home and away, Dean Thompson and Amber Simmons
Dean fears his parenting journey has come to an abrupt end, as Amber has decided without warning to take their son Jai away from Summer Bay. After weeks of rows and tensions, Amber decided that until he was older, it was better for Jai to be raised by her and her alone.
Dean was devastated by this decision, fearing that even though it was not his choice to lose contact, Jai would always see him as a deadbeat dad. It was also a stark reminder that, no matter how hard they try to turn their lives around, life is never easy for the Mangrove River crew.
An emotional Dean seemed certain that Amber would not change her mind soon at any time , particularly after promising to give Jai the option of tracking him again when he was older. Fortunately for Dean, it might not have been the last time we saw Amber and Jai.

3. Are Nikau and Bella going to really leave?

At home and away, Nikau Parata and Bella Nixon

For Nikau, all signs point to a fresh start being his best move for the future in New Zealand. Instead of returning to the Bay, Nikau’s mum Gemma decided to stay in New Zealand, while the move would also put Nikau out of harm’s way if Tane’s enemies turn any nastier.

Although Bella’s girlfriend Nikau initially refused to join him when he made the move, after the latest drama surrounding Colby’s affair, she changed her mind.

The Summer Bay teens seem set to make a fresh start together, but could their plans be derailed by the next stage in the Ross investigation?

4. How much danger is there for Tane?

At home and away, mackenzie booth and tane parata

This week, Home and Away returned to one of its favourite themes, an evil gang that creates dark threats of violence and revenge. If only Robbo was still around to give some guidance on how to deal with it.

As a consequence of his recent dodgy activities, Tane has found himself in trouble with a group of criminals. He had been attacked by his enemies when he returned to the bay, and had to be rushed to the hospital.

As the vehicle’s panels had an expensive supply of drugs secretly stashed behind them, Tane needed to relocate the stolen van that he had briefly stored in the garage and the Astonis’ house. Unfortunately, the van was already taken care of by Willow and Ziggy to get rid of it.

Tane was given a two-day deadline to come up with $25,000, now owing money to his shady contacts.

Tane was warned that if the deadline was not met, he and his family would face the consequences, so the big question now is whether he can come up with the cash and what the consequences might be if he can’t.

5. What was happening with Owen?

When they left Summer Bay together a few weeks ago, Roo and Owen’s relationship seemed solid, but their time apart seems to have done much more harm than good. By returning alone and stubbornly refusing to be drawn into what had happened to Owen, Roo shocked her loved ones.

The only details that Roo let slip were that between her and Owen, things hadn’t worked out, which led to them parting ways.

Roo now has no idea where Owen is and doesn’t want to talk about it any further, all of which Marilyn, Leah and Alf discovered quickly when she refused to answer any of their questions. How long will it take Roo to open up the reason why everything went so wrong?

6. Oh, who’s betraying Colby?

At home and away, Colby Thorne

Home and Away also ended the week with a tantalising preview for the future that appeared in a teaser looking forward to upcoming shows, not in the main programme.

The show has stated that, prior to his arrest, a mystery man, identified only as Witness X, will come forward with details about Colby’s crime. The person in question seems to be someone close to Colby, but after such a long cover-up, who would betray him?

7. Can Colby win Taylor back?

At home and away, Colby Thorne and Taylor Rosetta

Finally, this week, Colby’s secret affair backfired on him, as Angelo revealed that he knew everything about his wife, Taylor, cheating on him with a corrupt colleague. He tried to make Taylor see that Colby was only interested in her because he wanted to keep tabs on the Ross investigation, as Angelo confronted the cheating pair separately.

Taylor soon realised this was true and that his abusive stepfather was actually murdered by Colby. Understandably, over this, she was pretty ticked off and tried to cut ties for good with Colby.

Fans of Home and Away know that Colby later developed genuine feelings for Taylor, regardless of his initial intentions. Does this mean that if Colby gets a chance to explain himself, there is still hope for them? Let’s face it, forgiving murder is going to be a big question …

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