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16 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (June 27 to July 1)


Tane battles for his life after being stabbed next week on Home and Away.

Meanwhile, Theo risks jeopardising his prospects with Chloe, while Martha’s surgery is completed.

Here’s a complete list of the 16 major events coming up.

1. Logan is called in to assist Tane

After being attacked by thugs at Salt, Tane begins to lose blood swiftly. Felicity wants to call an ambulance, but Dean warns her that if she does, the police will get involved, and the truth about the illicit poker nights would be out.


Tane agrees with Dean’s assessment despite his frailty. Instead, Mac agrees to call Logan for assistance.

2. Logan is taken aback

When Logan arrives at Salt and sees that the gang has not called an ambulance to assist Tane, he is taken aback. Tane requires emergency surgery, he says.

If they don’t want an ambulance to be called, Logan adds that he’ll require surgical supplies from the hospital to assist Tane at Salt instead.

Logan and Mac are left alone with a barely awake Tane when the others hurry off to help. Mac uses this opportunity to admit to her debts and illicit poker sessions. Logan is shocked to learn that Mac has been deceiving him for weeks.


3. Dean and Ziggy form a partnership to smuggle medical supplies

Dean enlists Ziggy’s help in stealing the supplies needed to save Tane’s life. Ziggy distracts herself by pretending to be in pain and squeezing her tummy.

Nobody notices Dean sneaking off to plunder the medical supply room as the hospital staff rushes around Ziggy.

4. Tane’s health deteriorates

Logan performs surgery on Tane, and the results appear to be promising. Tane was soon in bed at home, receiving IV fluids from the organisation. When Tane inquires about his deceased brother Ari, though, it is evident that something is seriously wrong.

Tane passes out unexpectedly, and Logan realises he has lost too much blood.


5. Logan is willing to make a sacrifice

Logan decides that in order to rescue Tane, he will need to perform an emergency blood transfusion. Logan’s blood type is O Negative, making him a universal donor and the best person to help.

Mac points out that this could put Logan’s life in jeopardy, but the local doctor insists that it’s their only option.

Logan donates part of his blood to Nikau, who then administers it to Tane. When Tane’s condition begins to improve again, everyone feels relieved.

6. PK is confronted by Mac and Dean

Mac confronts PK about the Salt incident. It was not PK’s desire for anyone to be wounded, he claims. Nathan is quickly blamed for failing to follow PK’s directions.

Dean gets involved as well, ordering PK to return Mac’s $50,000. He reminds PK that he has dangerous allies in his camp who he can call on if necessary, alluding to his time with the River Boys.

PK laughs this aside, arguing that his own friends are considerably more dangerous.


7. Dean’s son is threatened by PK

When Dean receives an unsolicited photo of his son Jai with the statement “Like I said, this isn’t finished,” he is shaken. It’s evident that PK is attempting to communicate with Dean.

Dean gets into another heated argument with PK, who points out how simple it was to find his son. Dean calls Jai’s mother, Amber, in a panic, pleading with her to keep a careful eye on her son till further notice.

When Dean informs Ziggy of the threat, she advises Dean to contact the police about PK. Dean declines, claiming that he does not want to involve Mac in the poker nights.

8. Dean gives PK a lesson

Dean seeks assistance from the River Boys in dealing with PK. The gang meets Dean in an empty car park shortly after, telling him that everything went according to plan. When Dean opens a car boot, PK is gagged and bound inside.

Later, Ziggy discovers Dean at home, cleaning blood from his hands. She presses him for an explanation of what occurred, but he refuses to divulge any information.

9. A body is discovered

Rose’s continued investigation yields dividends when she discovers that the mysterious PK is a company entrepreneur named Peter King.

Later, as Leah and Justin go along the beach together, they come discover a body and are terrified. The cops are dispatched, and it doesn’t take them long to identify the deceased as PK. Is it possible that he was murdered by a Summer Bay resident?

10. Logan drifts away from Mac

After the drama with Tane, Logan comes home. He confronts Mac for lying to him for so long, and he expresses his inability to forgive her.

Logan packs a bag and heads to Tane’s house to keep an eye on his healing, needing some space from Mac.

11. Nikau is given a new lease on life

Nikau has been waiting to hear whether the council will approve John’s proposal that he work as a paid professional lifeguard in Summer Bay.

When John verifies that the council has granted their proposal, Nikau is pleased.

12. Theo makes a blunder with Chloe

Over Chloe, who appears to have put him in the friend zone, Theo seeks advise from Justin and John. When John proposes that playing hard to get would be a good idea, he’s interested.

Theo’s concerns grow when Chloe invites him to join her for some “friendly” drinks later. He invites another female, Becky, to their drinks, but his game backfires when an unsatisfied Chloe storms off.

13. Theo is fighting for forgiveness

Theo apologises to Chloe and gives her a bouquet of flowers the morning after their disastrous drinks date. He admits that bringing Becky to Salt was part of his plan to make Chloe envious.

Theo’s honesty is appreciated by Chloe, and they set up a second date in the hopes of finally making things work. Their time together comes to a close with a hot kiss.

14. Xander learns the truth about the accident

Xander keeps spending time with Millie, dismissing Jasmine’s concerns that he’s becoming too devoted to her.

After Millie is released from the hospital, Xander joins her for another private conversation. Millie says her memories of the catastrophe are coming back to her, and she recalls taking her eyes off the road to read a text message immediately before the accident.

The ramifications aren’t lost on Xander, who realises Logan is being unfairly blamed for what happened.

15. Xander is threatened by Millie

When Xander insists on the authorities knowing the truth about the crash, Millie regrets being so forthright with him. She implores him to remain silent.

Millie confesses that she has done her investigation into Xander’s past when it becomes evident that he may share what he knows.

Millie threatens to falsely accuse Xander of harassment if he causes her any trouble, knowing that he has a history of harassment and has already had an AVO issued against him.

16. It’s time for Martha’s transplant

Martha and Roo are both taken down for kidney transplant operation. As Alf waits for word on his wife and daughter, Marilyn joins him at the hospital.

The Stewart women return from surgery later, and the hospital staff confirms that everything went smoothly. Is Martha’s health problem finally resolved?

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