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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for the show’s final week (July 25 to 29)


Coming up on Neighbours, the people of Ramsay Street are back for one more week after 37 years of drama, humour, grief, death, and romance.

As the series comes to a close, here are 11 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to.

1. Susan gives a startling ultimatum

Izzy is up to her old ways once again, and Susan isn’t going to put up with her having a love relationship with their kid.

Karl is stuck in the middle since Izzy has stated that Holly will move to Ramsay Street if she and Mal do, but that ruse has only served to inflame Susan’s resentment.


When Susan reaches her breaking point, she tells Mal he must choose between the two of them. But sadly for Susan, Mal goes with Izzy.

2. Chloe considers her alternatives

Elly’s arrival back in town soon convinced Chloe that she had made a mistake in her choice to sell Number 24 and go to Adelaide.

Chloe now faces a difficult dilemma as a result of Elly’s appearance, so she spends some time talking with her loved ones to try and determine what the best course of action is.

Is Chloe about to fulfil the wishes of every #Chelly fan? What will she decide to do?


3. To Jane, Byron defends Clive

Byron may have been the one who initially revealed Clive’s secret, but the following week he comes to his mother’s ex’s defence.

When Byron returns a watch that Clive left at Danielle’s house, Jane suspects he went back there to see her and is enraged to believe he has betrayed her once more.

Soon after Byron clarifies the watch’s true purpose, Jane begins to change her attitude about Clive. But Clive’s plan to see Jane again is about to face a snag.

4. Toadie gives Mel a big gesture

Toadie and Melanie are eagerly planning their wedding and hard at work making the big day perfect.


Toadie overhears Melanie talking to Yashvi about the future and how she feels Ramsay Street prevents her and Toadie from getting the fresh start they require since there are too many memories there.

Toadie decides to put house number 30 up for sale in order to show Mel how much he cares for her. And that is by no means the only home that has been listed for sale.

5. Glen and Terese separate

Since he is growing more and more certain that Terese still harbours feelings for Paul, Glen has been apprehensive about his relationship with Terese.

Next week, when he begins to worry and feel jealous again, everything comes to a head.

The two have an open discussion with one another following an altercation, and it appears that their relationship is over. How does this affect Terese and Paul, though?

6. David, Aaron, and Nicolette receive unexpected news Jane

Ramsay Street is undergoing change, and when Nicolette informs Jane that she will be moving to New York with David and Aaron, Jane is struck speechless.


Despite their assurances that Jane is more than welcome to join them whenever she wants, she can’t help but feel left out, and the constant conflict with Clive is making matters worse.

But fortunately for Jane, she is about to experience a surprise diversion.

7. Shane and Izzy betray Mal

Izzy gets a little too close to Shane Ramsay, and Susan is convinced that she is up to no good. This proves Susan right that she cannot be trusted.

Although there is chemistry between them right away, Kyle Canning witnesses them in the act and informs the Kennedys of his findings.

There will be one more confrontation between Susan and Izzy since they are both enraged that she would desert their son. They go to Lassiters to face her.

8. Leo decides to depart as well

Leo had planned to stay because he owns the vineyard even as his entire family prepared to leave Ramsay Street.

Leo realises his place is in New York with them all and makes an announcement that he will be joining them when Chris and Anne arrive and he sees them, Lucy, and the rest of the Robinson family acting like happy families. It appears that Erinsborough will soon be Robinson-free.

9. Ramsay Street will be cleaned up

When Susan and Karl discover that the other homes are for sale, they are in for a major shock. Harold realises that they must now be the stewards of the Ramsay Street history book while the couple are heartbroken at the thought of bidding goodbye to all of their pals.

The Kennedys are preparing to see everyone depart, and Susan, in particular, is finding it difficult to accept it. How are Karl and Susan going to adjust to a brand-new set of neighbours?

10. Mike Young comes back

Clive has a significant romantic act prepared for Jane, and he is confident that it will win her back. However, the appearance of Mike Young, Jane’s first significant love, puts a wrench in Clive’s plans.

Mike’s homecoming astounds Jane, and Clive worries that he might have come back to Erinsborough in an effort to win her back.

Clive tries to maintain composure, but when he learns that Jane is giving Mike a tour of all the Ramsay Street homes, he is unable to do so and is on the verge of losing control.

11. The show “Neighbors” is over

The wedding of Toadie and Melanie is set to take place, and their friends and family are there to make sure they have a special day. There isn’t much information available regarding the conclusion because Channel 5 is keeping quiet, but Scott and Charlene also make their much anticipated comeback.

But be prepared for a sentimental farewell with some old faces, big surprises, and one final look through the Ramsay Street history book. Prepare your Kleenex in advance!

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