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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


As a result of Heather’s unruly behaviour, Marilyn will face further drama on Home and Away the following week.

Tane prepares a beautiful marriage proposal in another scene, while Rose is punished for interfering with Xander’s love life.

Here is a comprehensive list of the upcoming 11 major events.

1. Regarding Xander and Bree, Rose makes a mistake.


When Bree senses Xander’s increased self-assurance at the beach, she gives him a praise. Xander removes his shirt and is proud to flaunt his tattoos to the world because he no longer feels self-conscious about them.

Rose informs the Summer Bay doctor that her brother is undoubtedly unmarried because she worries whether Bree and Xander have any chemistry romantically. By informing Rose that Bree is already married, Xander puts an end to her efforts to find a partner.

2. Xander reverses the situation on Rose.

Xander makes Rose pay for interfering with his romantic life. First, much to Rose’s concern because she now knows that Bree is married, Xander and Bree play the relationship off for a little while.


When Rose checks her phone, she finds that Xander has downloaded a dating app and created a profile for her. Rose is touched by the prompt delivery of notifications and chooses to keep the app.

3. Marilyn makes a false confession to a crime.


There is growing concern that Marilyn may have slashed John’s automobile tyres. When John denies that she may have been at fault, Marilyn feels comforted.

Heather is also suspected, but Nikau helps her escape by providing a fictitious alibi.


Then Nikau questions Marilyn as to why she is preventing Heather from disclosing their relationship. Taking responsibility for Heather out of remorse, Marilyn “confesses” to cutting the tyres.

4. John confronts Marilyn about her exaggerated statements.

John doesn’t think Marilyn cut his tyres, especially because she won’t give any information or explain why. When John questions Marilyn about the exact tyres she destroyed and she is unable to respond, he learns the truth.

As her other pals begin to inquire, Marilyn feigns ignorance to Roo in an effort to cover up her recent unusual behaviour. Roo appreciates her friend’s apparent candour when Marilyn says she quit taking her medication.

5. Heather’s next victim will be Leah.

When Leah learns that Marilyn has accepted responsibility for Heather, she is frightened. By approaching Heather and admonishing her not to mistreat Marilyn, she decides to take matters into her own hands.


Later, Leah is shocked to find out that someone—you can probably guess who—has broken into her house and demolished everything.

6. Leah divulges Marilyn’s mystery.

Dealing with the devastation at the house are Leah, Justin, and Theo. The police speculate that this might have been a personal attack since nothing seems to have been taken.

Justin is shocked when Leah names Heather as a potential suspect. Leah believes that Justin needs an explanation, so when they are alone she tells him that Heather is actually Marilyn’s long-lost daughter.

7. Tane prepares an offer.

Tane informs Dean that, as a result of some counsel from Ziggy, he is looking forward.

Tane explains that he wants to move their relationship forward and that’s why he’s going to propose to Felicity. Tane is happy when Nikau enthusiastically supports his plans as he looks for encouragement from his family.

8. Mac and Justin agree on an agreement.

Following Lyrik’s underwhelming performance, Justin decides it’s time to reclaim their normal slot at Salt. Justin approaches her, apparently having blinked first in their struggle of wills, and Mac is happy to see him.

Mac consents to discuss a higher payment with Lyrik. After a difficult few weeks, Justin is relieved that they are now open for business once more.

9. Mac acts as a mediator between Dean and Ziggy.

Mac observes Dean and Ziggy arguing frequently about the pregnancy. The main bone of contention is Ziggy’s choice to keep the baby a secret from Justin.

When Dean is the target of Ziggy’s rage, Mac tells her brother that he might need to act as an emotional punching bag for Ziggy if things go difficult during the pregnancy. Dean and Ziggy resolve to work together moving forward as they start a new chapter.

10. Felicity takes Cash and Eden off guard.

Felicity starts to have suspicions that Cash and Eden are having an affair. She tries asking Remi, but he won’t divulge any information.

Felicity rushes into Eden’s room at the band’s shared residence and discovers Cash in her bed. When Felicity declares their friendship gone, Eden suffers as a result. Felicity is furious to learn that her best friend and brother are having a fling.

11. Eden is implicated in the proposal’s intentions.

When Tane pops the question to Felicity, he decides to get Lyrik to perform. Unfortunately, given the rift between Felicity and Eden, the timing couldn’t be worse.

Eden declines to participate in the celebration out of concern that it will enrage Felicity even more. Remi exhorts her to not miss the momentous occasion.

Remi cautions Cash that Eden is falling for him in the meantime. Cash is surprised by this because he had previously believed Eden to be uninterested in long-term relationships.

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