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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Theo and Kirby’s covert relationship becomes more difficult to handle in the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

Rose is also uncertain about her future in Summer Bay, while Cash is dealing with flashbacks to his failed relationship with Jasmine.

Here is a comprehensive list of the upcoming 11 major events.


Justin learns Theo’s secret, for starters

While Justin and Leah are gone, Theo enjoys some alone time with Kirby, but the young couple is discovered when Justin gets home.

When Justin questions the couple’s privacy, they respond that Lyrik forbids romances between bands.

Later, Justin notices Theo and Kirby’s on-stage chemistry and tells them to quit being so overt about their love.


2. Kirby’s distractors raised a red flag Theo

When Remi becomes aware that there might be a relationship between her and Theo, Kirby becomes concerned. Remi encourages Theo to flirt with a complete stranger at Salt in an effort to test his theory.

Theo is forced to act when Kirby subtly texts him to kiss the other woman in order to disprove Remi. Theo informs the woman that he is interested in someone else and declines to play games.

When they are alone, Theo accuses Kirby of going too far with their cover-up and challenges her about her demands surrounding the kiss.


3. Marilyn worries about Heather

The newcomer Heather appears to be adjusting well, although she still shows an odd interest in Marilyn. Marilyn begins to wonder if something is wrong when she witnesses Heather giving her weird stares.

Marilyn denies Heather’s allegation that she looks familiar when Heather asks if they’ve already met.

Later, when Heather makes plans to stay at the RV park, it becomes apparent that she will be there for a while.

4. Marilyn is alarmed by an ominous sign.

Irene learns from Marilyn that she has a bad feeling about Heather. There is a one-day wait for a caravan to become available for Heather, so Irene won’t take any of it and asks Heather to spend the night at her house.


Then Marilyn consults her tarot cards for advice and concludes that they portend bad news for Heather. She tries to warn Roo, but Roo rejects her ideas.

5. Roo worries about Marilyn.

Roo is concerned that Marilyn’s attitude on Heather may hurt her tutoring career. Irene adds out that Marilyn’s peculiar behaviour solely seems to centre around Heather, leading the woman to even begin to worry if Marilyn has stopped taking her medication.

Roo and Marilyn resolve to accept their differences regarding Heather when Alf encourages them to have a conversation.

6. Nikau appreciates casual romance

Nikau is approached by Heather, who asks him to accompany her to Lyrik’s next performance. Nikau complies and appears to appreciate Heather’s straightforward approach to dating.

Following their time spent together at the performance, Heather accepts Nikau’s invitation to return and spend the night.

7. Tane is concerned for Nikau.

The next morning, Tane is shocked to see Heather with Nikau. After his breakup with Bella, Nikau may be going too swiftly forward, he worries.

Tane is warned to stay out of it when he remarks that it’s unusual for Nikau to bring a stranger home.

Later, Nikau begins to have second thoughts about Heather but is comforted when she expresses her desire for nothing serious.

8. Cash will endure further heartache

After Bree agrees that Cash can recover at home, he is released from the hospital earlier than anticipated. Felicity extends a return invitation to Cash to the Paratas’ house since he doesn’t want to return to Irene’s, where he previously resided with Jasmine.

The engagement ring Cash bought for Jasmine is a sad reminder of what he has lost when he opens his bag.

9. Rose poses problems Bree

When Rose learns that Cash has been released from the hospital, she is taken aback and worries that it is too soon. Bree defends herself when Rose confronts her.

Later, Rose worries about the circumstance even more and discovers that she has been excluded from Cash’s recuperation. When Cash decides to completely block Rose and Xander out of his life because he doesn’t want any memories of his previous relationship with Jasmine, things only grow worse.

10. The future of Rose and Xander is made clear

Since Cash, one of her only friends in the neighbourhood, has chosen to cut her off, Rose confides in Xander that she’s not sure if she wants to continue living in the Bay.

Rose is sceptical when she learns that her brother has received a new tattoo as part of his troubling coping therapy, despite the fact that Xander feels differently and claims that living in the Bay is helpful for him.

Later, Irene supports Rose in realising how many people in the Bay care for her.

11. Ziggy makes a significant choice.

Ziggy battles worries that she will never achieve her goal of being a professional surfer. Dean is also concerned that he could be restraining Ziggy.

Dean exhorts Ziggy to follow her dreams, reassuring her that he and Jai will always be there to welcome her home after her adventures. Ziggy makes the decision to participate in yet another contest and is ecstatic to be pursuing her goals.

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