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10 upcoming huge Home and Away spoilers coming up for next week

Dean will be faced with two distinct family crises next week on Home and Away, as Karen and Mac both require his assistance.

In other news, Nikau completes his spiritual journey with Tane.

Here’s a complete list of ten major events coming ahead.

1. Dean gives Karen permission to see Jai

When Karen swears not to make a fuss over being barred from visiting Jai, Dean is moved. Karen resolves not to mess things up for Dean, knowing that if she stirs things up, Amber will revoke Dean’s access to Jai.

Dean finds a loophole and allows Karen to introduce herself to Jai as a stranger on the beach. Karen is thrilled to get the opportunity to play football with Jai, despite the fact that she is unable to reveal her true identity to him.

2. Karen’s lover comes to visit her in the Bay

Karen is shutting herself off from her lover Brett, who recently asked her to marry him, according to Dean. By sneaking into Karen’s phone and inviting Brett to the Bay, he takes action.

Karen continues to distance herself from Brett by implying that she is now seeing John. Brett sees right through Karen’s charade and points out her commitment concerns, emphasising that he’s prepared to wait for her to adjust to the notion.

3. On his journey, Nikau makes a breakthrough

Nikau had some difficulties in the beginning of his warrior training with Tane, but he soon settled into a comfortable rhythm with the Taiaha, a traditional Mori weapon that provides spiritual direction.

Tane is impressed and announces the end of their riverbank excursion.

Tane gifts Nikau with his father’s Taiaha, which fills Nikau with pride for his achievements. Tane, on the other hand, serves as a wake-up call, reminding them that they must now return home and face what is ahead with Ari.

4. Tane and Felicity reconnect

Tane returns to town and believes that it’s time for the Parata family to accept help once more. He decides to rejoin with Felicity and allows Nikau to see Bella.

Felicity is relieved to discover Tane still there the next morning after spending the night together at the caravan.

Tane reveals that he’s dealing with the pressures of being the family’s leader right now, but Felicity gives him hope by promising that she believes in him.

5. Justin expresses his admiration for Theo

Theo is anxious about his chances in court for the Polaris theft, which is coming up soon. He also realises he won’t be able to appear in court without a suit.

Justin does his utmost to assist Theo by taking him shopping for a suit. Theo is relieved to have made progress with Justin, their early enmity having faded away.

6. Ryder moves out of the house

At work, Ryder has another panic attack. Justin gets him home, but Alf insists on continuing their feud by telling Justin to leave.

Ryder, fed up with his family’s bickering, decides to live in a caravan for a bit. He also takes a positive step toward bettering his mental health by seeking expert help.

7. Theo confronts Alf

When Theo is summoned to court, he is relieved to learn that he will be performing community service. He recognises the gravity of a criminal conviction, though, and confronts Alf when they run into each other at the Diner.

Theo snaps at Alf, accusing him of looking for someone to blame for Ryder’s coffin event while disregarding his own role in the tragedy.

Justin worries Theo has started his good behaviour pact on a bad note, but after evaluating Theo’s harsh comments, Alf later delivers a genuine apologies.

8. Dean throws a fist at Logan

When Dean learns that Logan is still sleeping in a hotel room with his ex-girlfriend Neve, he is furious on Mac’s behalf. Logan is motivated to help Neve with her PTSD, despite the fact that they are not romantically involved.

Dean can’t help himself and shows up at the motel, punching Logan in the face for mistreating Mac.

9. Neve flees the scene

After stumbling in on Neve trying to kiss him, Mac confronts Logan. Mac admits to calling the army to report Neve’s whereabouts recently. Neve runs out without hearing the most important part of the storey: Mac hung up without reporting her.

Later, at the surf club, Neve confronts Mac, tackling her onto a pool table. Following the showdown, Neve flees, leaving a goodbye note for Logan.

10. Cash rejects Jasmine

Jasmine should welcome Cash to move in, according to Irene. Jasmine runs with the idea, planning a romantic takeaway meal on the pier and surprising Cash with the notion.

Cash dismisses the idea of moving in right now and walks away without saying why. Jasmine is taken aback when she realises she has misinterpreted their connection.

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