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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (May 9 to 13)


A new family moves into Ramsay Street next week on Neighbours, while one long-time resident bids farewell. And it appears that Corey has his sights set on more than just Harlow…

Here are ten spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. Is Amy expecting a child?

With Ned’s romance with Harlow being exposed for all to see right in the middle of Amy’s Fashion Week shoot, Amy has had a difficult go of it lately.

Despite the fact that Amy has made it apparent that she and Ned are no longer together, she begins to worry following week that she is pregnant.


To make matters worse, she discovers that Ned is preparing a hurried getaway from Ramsay Street, which means that if she is in trouble, he will not be there to assist her. Is Amy expecting a child, or is she just being paranoid?

2. Hendrix is having trouble adjusting to his new surroundings

The Rodwell family is preparing to move into Number 26, but one existing Ramsay Street tenant – Hendrix – is not pleased with their presence.

Hendrix, still reeling from his shocking diagnosis, is not pleased to find Sadie on his doorstep, given her decision to spark the fire at the school is what caused Hendrix’s condition to begin with.

While Hendrix tries to appear OK, it quickly becomes evident that he is anything not – and the Rodwells are about to discover why…


3. Ned departs from Erinsborough

With his life in shambles following his romance with Harlow and his divorce from Amy, Ned seeks out Roxy for motivation, and she tells him that he seems like he could need a fresh start.

Ned takes her advise and runs with it, quickly collecting his belongings for an unexpected transfer to Sydney. Before he leaves, he is able to reconcile with Amy and Harlow, and he even receives a farewell from Paul, before his friends and family bid him farewell.

4. Corey is given a new target

With Ned gone, Corey believes his job for the cult has become a little simpler, and he continues to try to manipulate Harlow. When he sees Freya, however, he begins questioning Harlow about her narrative.

After hearing about Freya’s ordeal, Corey believes she could be the ideal candidate for The Order. But, like Harlow, will Freya realise what’s going on, or will she be influenced by the nefarious Corey?


5. Kiri’s world has been flipped inside out

Glen is still under pressure over his Kiri secret, and Nicolette is desperate to uncover the truth – even seeking out Glen’s ex, Karen, to learn more.

When Nicolette discovers that Glen has a lengthy connection with Kiri’s parents, she informs Paul right away. When Paul realises something is wrong, he confronts John Wong and forces him to divulge all he knows.

With the information that Kiri is Glen’s daughter, Paul rushes to the vineyard to inform the woman herself.

6. Paul has to deal with the repercussions

Despite initially feeling pleased with himself for turning Glen’s life upside down, Paul soon realises that he has crossed another limit. When his family expresses their disgust for him, he thinks that the best thing he can do is apologise.

When Paul arrives at Number 22 to speak with Glen, he discovers that he and Terese have become engaged – and they take great joy in informing him that it was his actions that gave them the go-ahead. What will Paul do now that he has no further moves to play?

7. Karl returns home, but there’s a catch

Next week, Hendrix’s condition will worsen, but Karl will be there to assist him get through it. Susan reluctantly decides to let Karl return home after seeing how important he is to Hendrix – despite the fact that Paul is the most relieved of them all.


Karl eagerly gathers his belongings and anticipates a warm welcome, only to be informed that things between them have not improved and that he will be staying in the spare room. How is Karl going to persuade Susan to change her mind?

8. Glen and Kiri take cautious movements forward

Kiri is a wreck after learning that her biological father wasn’t who she thought he was, and her mother, Barbara, returns to support her.

As soon as Barbara discloses that her husband is unaware, the beans are spilled, and Kiri jumps to Glen’s defence.

He is soon revealed to be innocent, and he and Kiri have an open and honest discussion about everything that has happened. They may not be in the best of circumstances right now, but there appears to be hope for the future.

9. Zara makes an unexpected discovery

Zara has been contemplating recently, and with a little prodding from Amy, she extends an olive branch to Sadie, and the two agree to put their differences aside.

Zara realises that she has a chance to make up with Hendrix as a result of this, and she walks across the street to speak with him.

Smoothing things over isn’t going to happen, so an enraged Hendrix slams the door on her reconciliation attempt – and confesses his condition when Sadie is mentioned. In a theatrical display, the reveal is ready to spill out into Ramsay Street.

10. The Rodwells make their way along Ramsay Street

The Rodwell family has taken up residence at Number 26. Wendy plans a BBQ in order to make a good first impression on their new neighbours, hoping that everyone on the neighbourhood will attend.

In their new house, peace and tranquilly are not in the cards, as they quickly see the beginnings of a massive street brawl between Hendrix, Mackenzie, Amy, and Zara.

Mac loses her calm, blurting out what happened to Hendrix and ensuring the Rodwells are aware of the situation. Is this new family already kicking themselves for moving in?

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