Sunday, July 3, 2022

Review Home and Away: sex, drugs and beds

Tane appears to be hospitalised. He keeps up the grunting, but he has few lines, which really boosts his credibility as a somewhat dense man.
Nikau heard the news and paid his uncle a visit. We don’t even find out at this stage how Tane was so seriously wounded that he tore his liver.
Instead, we are forced to read between the lines, something very unusual at home and abroad, and since the stolen van is full of drugs, those baddies are likely to rough him up. Today, that’s a lot of medication.
Tane says like a robot, “Until it was too late, I didn’t know it was drugged,” so that he doesn’t care about his own drugs.
Never fear, however, that Nikau is a man of gallant deeds, and he asks Bella to fly to New Zealand with him. Two 19-year-olds who are still in their relationship’s early days will be able to pick up their lives and begin a new one.

Tori is clearly very nervous about her upcoming sex appointment with Budget McDreamy, which had been scheduled a few days earlier when back in the hospital.
They’re going back and forth with their usual dynamic mixed signals, and Tori needs Budget McDreamy to fight with her. Yet he ‘s fundamentally a logical man, apart from his quirky wardrobe (not on display today), and before she’s ready, he doesn’t want to force her into sex or friendship.
This leaves Tori puzzled, though, because she hadn’t been with a considerate man before? Uh, so gloomy.
Tori believes she needs to make her motives clear and in her office she calls him for an unofficial business and “lays out the cards,” which certainly does the trick.
In a fun way, before Tori freaks out and calls it off, things are heating up.

Tori, her infant Gracie, Justin, and Leah are leaving for Maz ‘s house.
“I made a move on Christian and then I kicked him out of my office,” Tori tells them.
Justin reacts in his usual way of covering his ears, so that he does not even listen to the smallest information about his girlfriend’s sex life. Grow yourself up, Justin. You’ve got cancer now.
Anyway, McDreamy’s idea of taking on some form of father figure in baby Gracie ‘s life, the living memory of dead Robbo, is a touch of residual beef between McDreamy and Jasmine ‘s Budget, but the camera clears the air.
Tori visits her sexy doc and things appear to be back on track.

Or I hope so, because this sort of thing is going to get me off again. Tori is a strong independent woman who practically manages the whole hospital, so tell that your man is done.

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