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‘Neighbours’ spoilers: Is Paul Robinson FAKING his illness?


On Neighbours, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is concerned that his love bubble with Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is ready to break.

Terese has made it obvious that she merely moved into Paul’s Lassiters penthouse to assist him in getting back on his feet following the incident at The Flamingo Bar.

Terese will be packing her belongings and returning to Ramsay Street soon, now that Paul is on the mend.

However, Paul’s rehabilitation is suddenly hampered by an unknown setback!



Terese is clearly concerned about Paul, so Dr. Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) is summoned to examine him.

However, Paul appears to be avoiding Karl’s questioning, and the businessman does not appear to agree with Karl’s diagnosis.

Is there something seriously wrong with Paul?


Is his health setback part of a strategy to keep Terese by his side and eventually reclaim her?

Leo Tanaka is causing concern on Ramsay Street (Tim Kano).

Following his infant daughter Abigail’s accident at Number 32, he is currently overcome with both grief and guilt.

Everyone at the Tanaka/Brennan house is concerned about Leo’s apparent lack of interest in Abigail.


Despite the fact that Leo’s business partner, Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett), has everything under control at the winery, Leo is using the winery as an excuse to avoid his family.

The guys on the street decide to attempt to cheer Leo up by inviting him on a beach fishing expedition.

But Leo’s thoughts are still on his fiancée Britney Barnes’ death and the near-miss with their daughter Abigail.

Will Ryan Maloney’s Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Maloney) offer any well-intentioned counsel to help Leo move on from his ordeal?

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