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Neighbours reveals new story for Curtis Perkins in Aubrey aftermath


Curtis Perkins will have a fresh plot in next week’s episodes of Neighbours.

When Curtis (Nathan Borg), who is deaf and has a cochlear implant, notices that Aubrey Laing’s grandma Shannon (Francesca Waters) may have hearing problems, he is requested to aid her with her homeschooling.

Aubrey and her companion Sadie Rodwell were seen as the perpetrators of the latest fires, as they attempted to implicate Zara Selwyn.

After a remorseful Sadie confessed, Aubrey and Sadie were expelled from Erinsborough High School.


Jane Harris (Annie Jones) is visited by Aubrey’s grandma Shannon at school this week (Francesca Waters). Shannon informs Jane that Aubrey is now being homeschooled, and she hopes Jane can help.

Jane is hesitant at first, but a surprisingly mature Zara (Freya Van Dyke) persuades her to assist.

Before handing over a crucial form and telling Shannon of the deadline that must be met, Jane gives Shannon with resources. Jane gets irritated because the form is not returned on time.

Jane and Shannon revisit this misunderstanding the following week, before Jane offers that Curtis be the main point of contact for any homeschooling questions.


When Curtis meets with Aubrey and Shannon, he sees that Shannon has a hearing problem.

He brings this up in the hopes of assisting Shannon, but she is immediately defensive and claims there is anything wrong with her hearing.

Curtis is eager to assist Shannon and may not give up on her just yet.

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