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Neighbours heartbreak as Melanie Pearson gives up on Toadie Rebecchi romance


Melanie Pearson of Neighbours is ready to give up her affair with Toadie Rebecchi, who will be seen on UK televisions next week, since her boyfriend has to make a significant decision.

Neighbours heartbreak as Melanie Pearson gives up on Toadie Rebecchi romance

Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) have been dating for a time, but there have been a few snags in their relationship.

This is the pair’s toughest test yet, and it all started when Melanie threw manure on Angela Lane’s (Amanda Harrison) porch after mistakingly assuming she was to fault for Toadie’s dismissal from the Carmelo case.


Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) finds that Angela holds her responsible for the manure in upcoming scenes on Channel 5.

Amanda retaliates by slandering Susan’s reputation at school, and Susan considers informing Amanda of the true perpetrator.

Amanda goes on to harm Karl’s (Alan Fletcher) reputation. Karl refuses to protect Melanie and instead discloses the facts about who threw the manure. Amanda retaliates by speeding up to Melanie and confronting her.

Melanie, who is caring for Toadie’s children Nell (Scarlett Anderson) and Hugo (John Turner), becomes distracted as her and Amanda’s quarrel intensifies.


Hugo flees, and when Angela starts driving away and crashes something, everyone assumes the worst.

Hugo is safe, and Amanda hit Bea and Levi’s old billy cart, but Toadie, who witnessed everything, is upset with Melanie for putting Hugo in danger while she was meant to be watching them.

Melanie, upset with herself and admitting she doesn’t trust herself around the kids, later offers Toadie the choice of ending their relationship. Toadie is taken aback by this and mulls over his options for a long time…

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