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Neighbours final week spoilers: Sheila Canning returns in huge twist as soap concludes?


Just a few days before Neighbours ends permanently, Sheila Canning (Collette Mann) might make an unexpected comeback.

Fans were confused when the well-liked character, who had been a series regular from 2014 until this year, abruptly left the show in February.

The terrible news that Naomi’s spouse had passed away was revealed to Kyle (Chris Milligan) in a scene from the February 18 episode of the Channel 5 soap opera. Kyle’s grandmother had just arrived in the US.

When a fan enquired as to whether Sheila’s retirement from the programme would be permanent, actress Colette Mann later confirmed the news.


Sheila was eliminated from the title sequence as soon as Neighbours revised its intro to reflect the change.

But Sheila might be about to make a comeback, just like so many previous Ramsay Street favourites, after giving Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) a surpise call on Monday (July 25) in the serial drama.

Fans will recall that Sheila and Clive formerly dated. But in 2021, he began dating Jane Harris (Annie Jones), which devastated Sheila.

To Clive’s delight, Jane has hinted that she might forgive him for betraying Danielle. However, as soon as he left Jane’s house, he received a call from his ex.


What specifically did Sheila have to say, I wonder? And did Clive take the call, too?

Could there be a sudden reunion between the two? And before the stories of the inhabitants of Ramsay Street come to an end on Friday, will we see Sheila returning in her old haunts?

Time will only tell!

The last week of Neighbours will begin on Tuesday, July 26 at 1:45 and 6 on Channel 5.


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