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Home and Away Spoilers – Mac calls the defence forces on Neve!


Theo’s criminal conviction pushes Alf to take a hard look at himself next week on Home and Away in the UK, while Mac calls the defence force…

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) is having trouble after her boyfriend Logan (Harley Bonner) moved into a hotel room with his ex-girlfriend Neve (Sophie Bloom) to help her realise she has PTSD.

After being in a similar scenario with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) when his ex Mia (Anna Samson) showed up in Summer Bay, Mac was keen to avoid repeating history and agreed to let Neve stay with them in the Pier apartment to keep an eye on her and Logan.

But the situation grew too much for Mac to take, and she was astonished when Logan chose to leave the flat with Neve after she gave him an ultimatum!


This week, Mac runs into Logan while getting dinner for himself and Neve, and he informs Mac that he needs to see this through—Neve needs to confess she has PTSD if she is to be helped.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) gets furious when Mac informs him of the situation. He’d cautioned Logan not to hurt his sister, and despite Mac’s request that Dean keep out of it, he can’t help but go to the motel.

Logan is greeted with a punch to the face when he opens the door!

When Mac sees Logan again and realises what Dean has done, she apologises, but tells him that she can’t keep living in limbo any longer—their relationship is finished, and the moment has come to inform the defence force of an AWOL Neve’s location.


She will do it if he does not.

Later, Mac attempts to keep her pledge by calling the authorities, but she is unable to do it and puts the phone down.

When Mac arrives at the motel, she finds Neve and Logan kissing on the verge of kissing again! Logan tries to persuade Mac that it was Neve who initiated the kiss and that he hadn’t had a chance to push her away, but Mac is uninterested.

She informs Logan that she made the call to dob Neve in… but that she didn’t follow through. However, Neve only hears the first portion of the dialogue as she listens outside the door and flees. Despite the kiss, Mac expresses her willingness to wait for Logan.


Neve panics as she walks around the bay, and when Mac and Logan find her in the surf club, Neve rips into Mac and attacks her violently, slamming her into the pool table while screaming that she has no idea what she’s been through.

Unfortunately, copper Cash has witnessed the entire incident, and as Neve tries to apologise and flees, Cash pursues her.

Is Neve about to be apprehended and imprisoned?

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