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Dear ABC, please replay your Neighbours special on finale night?


The Neighbours: End of the Road special aired on ABC (not 10) on Monday night, and if you missed it, you missed a very wonderful farewell to the drama as it draws to a close after 37 seasons.

It described the stars, storylines, fanbase, employment, and diversity (both positive and negative aspects) for the Fremantle drama, taking into account the actors, producers, writers, and critics.

The majority of the Margaret Paul special’s attention was given to the social aspects of Melbourne and Australia, particularly the British immigrants who moved to Australia as a result of the country’s seemingly unending bright skies and spacious backyards.

Given that the programme is ending in two weeks, it was cosy and unsurprisingly melancholy.


Which gets me to my recommendation that ABC rebroadcast this the night before the final episode.

The 90-minute finale will be shown in primetime on 10 and 10 Peach from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. There will be large people watching this nationwide, including to witness the iconic Scott & Charlene reunion.

Although I fully anticipate The Project devoting some major time to the final episode prior to its airing, Law & Order: SVU will be repeated after the conclusion. Channel 5 will, in contrast, air two Neighbours specials for British viewers.

What if ABC replays Neighbours: End of the Road at 9 o’clock for all those distraught viewers who will be a little disoriented? Currently, Louis Theroux’s special will air on ABC after a Foreign Correspondent 30th anniversary special.


However, I believe they may serve as a draw for all of the Neighbours devotees, who could then watch:

7:30pm 10 / 10 Peach. neighbours’ last

ABC Neighbours: End of the Road special at nine o’clock

Just an idea!


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