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10 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (March 14 to 18)


The aftermath from the River Bend crisis continues next week on Neighbours, with Aaron in grave danger and David forced to confront his actions.

Here are ten spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. David’s guilt begins to gnaw away at him

David is a shambles back in Erinsborough and at the hospital. He’s not only worried about Aaron’s recovery, which isn’t guaranteed, but he’s also carrying the weight of what he did to Gareth.

Freya makes certain that she says all of the appropriate things to him in order to calm him down. She reminds David that Gareth would not have survived his injuries if he had tried, but this does not assist David, who knows he did not even try. Is he going to be able to get over it?


2. Amy is worried about Ned

While practically everyone has returned home safely from River Bend, Ned and Harlow are still missing, and anxiety for them grows on Ramsay Street.

Amy is the most concerned, having just told Ned how she feels about him as he left, and she convinces Toadie to accompany her to the location to see if they can find them.

They had no idea that things are about to get very interesting between Ned and Harlow as they leave…

3. Is Aaron going to make it?

Not only does David bear the weight of his actions, but Aaron’s worries are about to be amplified when he takes a turn for the worse.


The doctors are concerned about Aaron’s injuries because he is already in horrible shape. When his condition deteriorates, they have no choice but to hurry him in for emergency surgery.

Is Aaron going to make it, or is David’s horror just getting started?

4. Harlow and Ned become closer

The River Bend saga is far from finished for all of the Ramsay Street inhabitants, and two members of the party – Ned and Harlow – have yet to return home.

While Amy and Toadie search for them, Ned and Harlow seek refuge at a waterfall, where they find it. However, while relaxing, the spark that had been building between them erupts, and they find themselves on the point of surrendering to desire.


Will they make it all the way or will Amy be the one to locate them first?

5. Jane is dealing with a difficult student

Zara is no longer the most problematic girl at Erinsborough High; Aubrey has taken her place. Jane is shocked when Aubrey’s grandmother Shannon requests for help with homeschooling, and Zara gives her the push she needs.

However, Jane quickly realises what she has gotten herself into as Aubrey’s recklessness begins to cause issues. Is there any chance Aubrey can be saved?

6. Ned has a hard time choosing between Amy and Harlow

Ned’s head is spinning after growing closer to Harlow than he had expected, and it’s not helped when Amy pushes down on her quest to win him back.

Ned confides in Kyle, not knowing what to do and with Amy demanding a response, and tells him all that transpired with Harlow, including how adamant she is that he not rejoin with Amy.

Soon after, Ned and Amy have a kiss, and it appears like they are back on, but Ned can’t get Harlow out of his head.


7. Aaron discovers Dean’s true identity

Prior to Aaron’s beating, he and David had a falling out over Dean, a hospital employee to whom David had confided his difficulties. When Dean made a move, David realised Aaron was correct, but he hasn’t had the opportunity to tell his husband.

Unfortunately for David, he does not get the chance since Dean decides to inform Aaron about the near-kiss, causing David to get enraged.

8. Glen informs Terese about Kiri’s existence

Glen has a significant secret that he wants to keep hidden from everyone: Kiri, the girl they met at River Bend, is his daughter.

Terese, who has been sensing something odd about her housemate, begins to force him to reveal what he is hiding, and he finally discloses the truth, adding that Kiri has no idea who he is.

He is sure that concealing the truth from her is in everyone’s best interests, but will he be able to resist the want to be her father?

9. David encounters a new foe

After everything that has transpired, just when it appeared that things couldn’t possible get any worse for David, he now finds himself in the company of an adversary. When Dean goes behind David’s back, David is enraged, and he makes it apparent that he intends to denounce him for acting unprofessionally.

Dean swears that he only spoke to Aaron with the best of intentions, but David is unconvinced, and it appears like their friendship is about to turn sour.

Will David be able to cope with increased pressure, and will he and Aaron be able to resolve their differences?

10. Freya is worried about her secret

After the events that led to Gareth’s death, Freya has been attempting to keep everything under control, but her main concern is David, who is struggling to cope with the stress.

When Freya learns that the coroner’s inquiry into Gareth’s death isn’t over and that she and David will have to go through another questioning about it, she is shaken.

Will they be able to keep their cool, or will the truth about Gareth’s death soon be revealed?

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